Translucent Powder


Translucent Powder is mostly known for setting makeup.

But what else can it be used for?

Eyeshadow Base

Have you always been wanting a good eye shadow base, but don’t have the money for one? Translucent powder can be applied to your lids as an base to give you a smooth, crease proof look with the benefit of popping the color of your shadows!

To use: Apply translucent powder with a wet brush onto eye lids before any eyeshadow


Budge proof eyeliner? Yes please! I don’t care what you say but every eye liner pencil/retractable pencil melts and budges. Whether it’s kohl or gel, it will move through out the day and make you look like you’re a raccoon.

To prevent your eyeliner from budging dab some powder on top of your eyeliner. For bottom lash liner apply some powder underneath the lash line and it prevents it from slipping.

You can also use it to make your gel liner matte. To do this apply your gel liner and with a angled brush or a smaller thin brush like a lip brush; go over the gel liner with some powder.


Need a matte lipstick but all you have is glossy type finishes? Easy fix, apply your lipstick, place a tissue over your lips and brush the translucent powder on the tissue that’s over your lips. Pull tissue off and BAM! matte lips.

You can also apply it on your lips before applying your lipstick to fill in any fine lines on your lips.

Face/Other Uses

Other than using translucent powder as a finishing powder there’s other ways to use it on your face as well.

Apply it to your face before foundation to smooth out any lines and pores, also helps foundation apply smoothly and makes it slightly matte.

Set concealer

Dry Shampoo, If you don’t have any on you but you have translucent powder you can sprinkle some on your roots and shake your fingers through your hair.

Catch fall out – if you apply your foundation before your eyeshadow and always have the problem with fall out all over your face . . try applying some translucent powder under eyes after applying foundation and go on to your eyes. If you have any fall out just simple swipe away and the fall out disappears without ruining your foundation.

If you have different ways you use your translucent powder then share below!


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