Music I’m Loving

I thought I would share some songs that are constantly stuck in my head. . most of them are probably over a year old . . but when you don’t get out and the little radio you do listen to it’s new to me, I’m going to be honest I don’t have a good reason as to why I like these songs, i guess its the rhythm and their voices, but do I need a reason as to why I like them?

1. Vance Joy – Riptide

This song has been stuck in my head non stop all week. I’m not sure why I like it, I most just like the rhythm and the chorus as it reminds me of Moby South Side.

2. Neighbourhood – Afraid

Beginning of the summer the radio played their song Sweater Weather which I loved, then I heard this and pretty much died.

3. Bastille

I can’t list just one song because most of their songs on the radio right now I am in absolute love with. Pompeii and Bad Blood are as few. But for Flaws, it’s eh for me, i don’t know why but every time as soon as I hear it, it makes me cringe, but after it plays for a while then I get used to it.

4. Dirty Heads – My Sweet Summer

No explanation, I just like it.

5. Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?

I actually first heard of the Arctic Monkeys on a guitar game I bought my bf for Christmas and to be honest that song got on my nerves, their just a band that you have to take piece by piece.

What are some of the songs you’re loving now?


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