thredUp Update

A few weeks back I did a post about ways to make money and suggested selling your clothes on thredUp.

I wanted to do an update with the experience that I have had with them so far and what’s to come. I’ve read rather bad and some good reviews about them and it sort of got me scared and wondered if I was doing the wrong thing. But overall so far I’ve had a pretty good experience with them.

thredUp is an online consignment company where you request a clean out bag, fill it up and send it back in. They ship you a bag with a prepaid label on it to send back. It’s supposed to take up to two weeks to get your bag but it took almost a month for me to get mine. I emailed them about it and they emailed me back saying about seven days I should have received it and if I don’t in another week then re-order another bag. I just waited and eventually got it in the middle of August.

Before loading up the bag with all your clothes you have to make sure they select the brands that you’re sending in. In order to check what brands they accept:

1.Go to the top of their website and click Sell Tab

2. Click Clothing Calculator

After you pull up the calculator you type in the name of the brand and can select what type of article of clothing it is if you want. When typing in a name of a brand and there is no box of suggestions that pop up then most likely they don’t accept, other times you can enter a brand and after hitting enter it will tell you not accepted at the bottom.

I rechecked all the clothes and shoes I was sending in to make sure they accepted it. After that I loaded the bag up and dropped off at Fedex. It took a week or two to get an email from thredUp saying they have received my bag and will start going over it in the next couple of weeks and should be done by September 23rd. Well yesterday I got an email saying they processed my bag and showed me the items they took and how much I will be getting.

I actually got more than what I thought, having sold items to consignment shops before and end up never hardly getting anything I low balled my estimate to $20 or below but ended up getting $45. Pretty good for a full bag and they took most of the items. You can look at what the took and then it tells you how much your account balance is, pending account and available balance. A lot of items are upfront payout which means you don’t have to wait for the item to sell to get paid, you then say YAY! but it’s not a happy time because you have to wait another 14 days for the money. Your available balance is for if you would like to purchase anything from their site right away then you can, but if you want the money you have to wait an additional 14 days for the money to be transferred to your PayPal account.

It’s frustrating but I’ll live. That’s pretty much my experience, I can’t say I had a bad one other than the bag took forever to get to me. But their team was professional to me, i asked a question and they answered the same day and explained how I could solve the problem. They got to my bag quicker than they said, and I would say I had a pretty good outcome with the items they bought. I could have took that bag to Plato’s Closet and they would have sent all of it back to me.

I do believe I am going to request another bag after I go through more clothes and make sure they take them and send some more in, hopefully I end up getting the same experience.

Thank You & have a good day!


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