My Go to Makeup Brushes

I think I finally have all the makeup brushes that I think I need and wanted!! These are ones I use the most and love them.


Excuse the baby hands in some pictures



Flat Top Kabuki Brush

I got this in a set off Amazon with 3 other brushes, which i don’t really use that much anymore since I bought new ones. But I use this brush for my foundation to blend it out. I think it does a decent job for what it cost which was around $8. The set is called CrazyCity Professional.


Real Techniques Miracle Sponge

I try to use this for foundation but for me it holds way too much water even after squeezing til you have nothing left. I currently just use it for under eye concealer.



Angled eyeliner brush from essentialtools at Walmart. I use this one for eyeshadow to seal in gel liner.


Ecotools angled eyeliner and large shader brush. I use this one for gel eyeliner and to pack shadows all over the lid.


Ecotools smudge and blending brushes. I actually use the smude brush for precise packing of shadows on the lid and blending brush for crease and lids.


Coastal Scents Blending Brush. Blends whatever I need out extra I guess.


Essentialtools Detailed Shadow Brush and I guess Mini Powder Brush. I use the tapered end for the precise crease color and outer V shape and then the fluffy end for another blending brush.


Essentialtools All Over Shadow and Concealer Brush. Shadow brush end as shader brush and the big fluffy end I think I would use it to set under eye concealer.

I really only wanted the tapered crease brush and then an angled eyeliner brush from ecotools but I had to buy both of the duo sets to get what I wanted. They all work really well and apply shadows on smoothly and for gel liner they help create a very precise line and cat eye. I also bought the new Elf Blush Brush to use for under eye powders but I haven’t gotten the chance to test it out, I heard it was good but to me anything Elf is too good to be true from what products of theirs I have,


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