Lip Monthly : September 2014

This is my first Lip Monthly Bag and I can say I am more excited about this then I am about my September Ipsy bag.

Subscription: Lip Monthly, their plans are one month for $10, four months for $40 and one year for $120. Their coupon codes for first time members go in order from 1 month to a year : FALL5 for first box for $5, FALL299 for $2.99 and FALL12  and you get two months free. You can cancel at anytime you wish. This is a set box meaning they choose what’s in their box, everyone gets the same products . . I say that but I am beginning to believe Youtubers that were sent this bag from the company get more and different items from the rest of us and the Youtubers that pay for their bags.

Billing: You’re billed once you subscribe then every month after that you’re billed the same day you subscribed. So if you joined August 15th you’ll be billed every month on the 15th.

Shipping: They started a new thing where they send out tracking numbers by email. Shipping is through USPS and the number won’t work for a couple of days, which i think it was almost a week for me from when I got the email. They do ship to Canada and the rest of the world for an extra $5 per box, which cover shipping cost they have and tracking numbers are unavailable for international subscribers.

In the Bag: They used to have a box but the products never fit in the box so they changed to a bag . . only thing it’s the same bag every month. You get 4-5 items, some lip products are full size or deluxe samples and every month they throw in a monthly mix up which is not an lip product. I think every month they have a featured brand, meaning there will be more than one item from the same brand.


This months bag retailed for almost $40.

Two things I got that I didn’t take individual pictures of were the Eco Lips Hemp Lip Balm, full size for $3.49, and the Purlisse Daily Moisturizer which is a deluxe sample for $18, full size is $50 listed on their website.


Julie G by Jesse’s Girl Nail Polish: Color is Romeo and full size is $3.99, I’m actually wearing it in this picture. It’s really rich formula for a drugstore brand nail polish, I only ended up applying one coat.


Lip & Eye Retractable Pencil by Makeup By Cherimoya: Color is Latte, and I can say when you first get it, it’s dry so rub it in on your hand for a minute but be careful; I broke the tip on mine. ha Full size is $3.99.


Lip Crayon by Makeup By Cherimoya: Color is coral. This is said to be a matte lip crayon with moisturizing properties. I will say you definitely need to exfoliate before you apply. Goes on very smooth but for me it wasn’t really matte. Full size for $8.

Everything in this months bag for me was full size except for the moisturizer. I actually canceled my Beauty Box 5 for this bag instead, I like how you get lip products and extra products as well. One thing that might get old very quick is getting the same bag every month, you’re going to end up with a pile of bags that have Lip Monthly written all over and won’t know what to do with them. As Ipsy have different bags every month so you can actually put them to use on different occasions. There is some bad things said out there about this company but they literally just came about at the beginning of the year, and have improved and still improving. I say this because I watch a couple of girls that get this subscription, one has been getting it from the beginning and now as they grow as a company she’s starting to like it more.

If you would like to join you can use my link which I get 50 rewards points . . everyone does if you use their link.

Lip Monthly

Or you can just sign up from their website:

Lip Monthly

I bought this bag with my own money, hope it helps you guys find a new subscription service!


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