BzzAgent Campaign: Dial Acne Control

Hey everyone! My new recent campaign I joined for BzzAgent was the Dial Acne Control Campaign. Everything I receive from BzzAgent is free for reviewing purposes and it’s also free to join!


I don’t know about anyone else but it is really hard for me to find an acne treatment that I like and will have the effort in reusing it. I am probably the most lazy person when it comes to washing my face and having an actual skincare routine. I usually just do it all at once while I’m in the shower if I don’t forget to bring it in with me.

Also my skin gets used to new things and treatments really quick so having something out there that I haven’t seen or tried yet, I knew I needed to test this out!

In my package I got 3 sample pouches of the body wash and face wash and some coupons as well.

Just from using it the very first time I immediately took a liking to it. It’s a gel like texture, thick and clings to my skin. There is no exfoliator beads in it like most acne treatments. It doesn’t have a chemical or medical scent to it, it smells like Dial soap.

The product claims to show results in 3 days, and like I said before I’m lazy when it comes to a routine so I didn’t use this 3 days in a row but when I do use it (typically when I have breakouts) I do notice an improvement quickly. I reduces the swelling of the spot and minimizes redness while not drying out my skin, which is a huge plus for me with dry skin to begin with.

When I use it I like to deep clean my face with CeraVe facial cleanser and a face round from Target (the ones that are rough). Then I’ll use the Dial Acne face wash to ensure it gets deep into my pores and cleans everything out.

If you have dry, sensitive skin I highly recommend this product because it doesn’t dry out your skin and it’s gentle. It leaves your skin soft and smooth afterwards and feels fresh and clean.

I received the Dial Acne Control System through BzzAgent for review purposes for free.


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