Mascara Monday: Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA , a lot of things going on right now so it’s been really hard to have the time to sit down and be on the computer.

I’ve decided to try something new on here called Mascara Monday (so many people do this and I thought it would be fun to join the band wagon!) where I will be reviewing a different mascara on mondays.

Today’s lucky winner is Revlon Bold Lacquer Length and Volume Mascara. I actually got this is a Beauty Box 5 box back in July and I really needed a new mascara so I was glad I had the chance to try it out.



Where do I start? haha. Let’s start off by telling you what Revlon claims that this mascara will do for you.

“They claim that this mascara will give you volume and lengthen your lashes to the nth degree.

The formula lacquer film technology and intense color pigments will deliver a lustrous, deep color to lashes.

The lash stretch brush pulls the fibers from roots to tip and beyond.”

I will come right off the bat and say; I never believe when a company says their product will do something and I never will it’s just how and who I am. It could work and I could see that it works but on everyone a product will work 100 times differently.

For me the formula is wet which I don’t typically like because I end up getting mascara all over my eyes and face, but I really did like this. I can’t say it lengthened my lashes at all to me it just looks like it curled them up and made them look like their really there.


This is my left eye with no mascara and . . .


this is my right eye with mascara. You judge on whether you see if the claims of this product are real or not. To me it just looks like I have mascara on and all my lashes ended up clumping together. I think I applied at least three coats to my lashes on the top and one on the bottom.

Is it Worth it?

I would say yes, I like it, does it do what it says it does . . meh? I really think that depends on the persons lashes that it is applied to honestly. I could go out and buy a thirty dollar mascara and everyone claims it’s worth the money and makes your lashes look like you’re wearing falsies, but it may not work on me.

I like the brush a lot, i really tend to fall towards the bigger bristled brushes so my lashes don’t clump as much as smaller brushes would make them.

The price of this mascara is around seven dollars, depending on where you get it from, but like I said I got it in a subscription box so I don’t know the exact price.

Thanks for taking the time in reading this and hopefully I

ll get on the ball about posting more stuff!


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