Influenster VoxBox: Braun Thermoscan

Hello everyone! I had the pleasure of being selected by Influenster to review the new Braun Thermoscan 5 Thermometer with ExacTemp. I received the thermometer for free for reviewing purposes.


The Braun Thermoscan 5 is an ear thermometer with ExacTemp which helps for an more accurate reading. ExacTemp is like an infrared reader in the tip of the thermometer that goes in the ear to ensure that the thermometer is positioned in the ear correctly for the most accurate reading. There is a light at the top of the thermometer that will flash green if you have the positioning right and beep with a red light if it’s not in the ear correctly.


I think this is a great technology because if you don’t have the thermometer in the correct position then you may not get a good reading or one at all. It really makes it a hundred times easier to take a temperature.

Braun’s ear Thermometer has come a really long way in my opinion. I used to have one when I was little and I hated that thing, it clicked in your ear whenever you took the temperature and seemed like it took forever to be done and over with. The new Thermoscan takes literally less than a minute to get a reading!

I prefer an ear thermometer over any other thermometer because I do believe it’s the most accurate reading other than by rectum that you can get. When my daughter was a couple of weeks old she had a really bad diaper rash so my boyfriend went to the store and bought some stuff. When he came back we went a little crazy at the store and ended up bringing home the Braun Forehead Thermometer, which at the time I thought was the best thing ever invented. Until I really needed it to work, around 3 or 4 months my daughter got hand foot and mouth and I took her temperature and the reading was fine. Ended up going to the doctors and she had a fever, came home took her temperature with the forehead thermometer and it still said she didn’t have a fever.

Once I got the Thermoscan 5 I compared the both of them and the Thermoscan had a more accurate temperature reading (in my opinion). There was a difference in readings between the two by I think maybe 2 degrees which may not seem like a lot but I think when it comes to a fever it’s really important to be on point.

How To Use the Thermoscan?:

1. Put batteries in and press the power button

2. Put a lens filter on the tip and insert into the ear

3. If you’re not sure if the thermometer is in the ear correctly it will beep and flash red if it’s an error

4. Once it’s in the ear press the temperature button and wait for results.

5. Turn off by holding power button down.

I received this product for free from Influenster for reviewing purposes.


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