Super Easy & Cheap Lip Scrub

Love making DIY things? Then here’s one super cheap and easy way to make your lips soft like a babys butt.

Why should you exfoliate your lips? Well to get the dead skin off, leave them super soft and it also helps with applying lipsticks.


So here’s how you can make your own lip scrub.

1. Grab your favorite lip moisturizer/conditioner
2. Get some sugar, a teaspoon is more than enough
3. Apply the moisturizer to your lips, I would say apply more than you usually would but not too much
4. Pat the sugar on your lips over the moisturizer then rub in
5. Simply wipe off and reapply moisturizer to keep them lips hydrated!

You can also depot your moisturizer in a small lip container (if you have one) and mix it with sugar.

My lips are super dry and crack all the time so I use the Mongongo lip conditioner I got from my ipsy bag (no I don’t really like it but it’s really moisturizing and it’s only on my lips for a minute) and just rub sugar on my lips until I feel like the dead skin is all off. This leaves my lips soft for literally 2-3 days. You can choose to do this however often you like, it helps to poly matte lipstick a lot easier too!


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