Score Free Products!

Well I totally just typed almost half of this post and I pressed a key that made the page go back and nothing was saved.

So today I’m going to share with you guys ways you can get free products whether it;s beauty, household, personal stuff, etc.

Everything I list here is free to join and I will share the experiences I have had so far with these companies!


L’Oreal Consumer Testing Panel is probably the number one consumer test panel out there. it’s free and everyone gets accepted into their panel.

How to Join? I have provided the link above attached to the image. It’s a survey about yourself, makeup brands and products you where, and hair care. After you join you’ll get an email with a Panel ID and Password and a link to the homepage where you sign in. I bookmarked the sign in page on my phone and selected “remember me” because I will never remember the ID and Password to save my life.

How it Works? Everyday you want to make sure you login into your account to see if there are any surveys available for you to take. If there are and you end up qualifying for one then L’Oreal will send you an email with directions on the study and also send those directions to you with your products. You’ll then have so many days or weeks to complete the study, at the end of the study you’ll have surveys to answer about the study. After that’s all said and done I think they send you an email stating that they’ll send you compensation for that study. Don’t quote me on that I haven’t gotten into a study yet, but if you have and would like to correct me in the comments then please do. Compensation is free products sent to you for completing the study, this includes beauty products from the L’Oreal makeup brands (Kiehls, Lancome, Essie  . .etc.). They also have surveys that are called non per-qualification surveys; you take 5 of these and they send you an compensation for that.

What do I Think? I think this is a great way to get free stuff and get your opinion out to a major brand. Personally I have not gotten into a study yet but hopefully soon I will. If you have feel free to share your experience with us all!


Clicks Research is another Testing Panel but it’s not just Beauty, it’s everything. I will warn you now there A LOT A LOT A LOT of questions to answer for this company.

How to Join? When you first visit this site it makes you select where you live on a map. Then I think it brings you to the homepage, on the left hand side there is a place where it says “Join”.

How it Works? After logging into your account you have 18 different categories of questions, some of them are short and some of them are long. At the end when you go back to your homepage it will tell you if you missed any questions.

They will email you if you have been picked for an study and i think you have a little survey to make sure you’re the correct match for that study. I would personally still check your account under messages because they also message you the invite and sometimes won’t even email you. Once you made it into a study under the Studies tab it will show you the study you joined and when it will start and end and give you minor details about the study. They also send you this information in the mail with your products. If you live in the United Kingdom, lucky you, you get compensated with money . . for us Americans we just get the products they send us for the study, which is not a problem at all.

What do I Think? Ha, sorry I don’t mean to laugh BUT, there are some flaws with this company. They are from United Kingdom (nothing against that) it’s just a reminder to us Americans that it does take time to get our study sent to us. I recently did a Oily Foundation Study and it was supposed to start on July 11th and end August 10th. It was 2 products, 2 weeks per product. Middle of June I believe I got an email stating they were going to send out these products in the next 2 weeks and send me an email saying they did . . . never happened. I tried messaging, emailing them . . no response. This was actually a problem for a good handful amount of people, on top of that some people didn’t get their samples in time for the start date. I got mine a day late, which isn’t a problem plus they were shipped over an holiday for US members so it took time. Some of the other foundation studies got postponed to a later date so it would give people time to get their samples.

I would say if you have trouble figuring stuff out for yourself, or get confused by stuff then this company may not be for you, only because they don’t answer back to your emails, I don’t even know if they get them? Overall I can handle it, I’ve only been apart of one study, if you would like to know more in depth experience of that study then let me know I can share that with you guys! Also since joining this site I joined the Beauty Forum Makeup Talk to communicate with others that are also apart of this just in case you do have questions, someone else might know the answers.


BzzAgent is a word of mouth social marketing company.

How to Join? Visit their site by clicking the image above, create an account and fill out information about yourself.

How it Works? Once you’re signed up, there will be surveys for you to fill out about things you like, use and enjoy. You also want to make sure you connect any social media you have or blogs, youtube channel. This just gets the word out about Bzzagent and what you;re trying out. BzzAgent will email you if there is a campaign available to you, you then take a small survey and if you accept the campaign you just wait. They’ll send you your products in either an mailing bubble envelope or box depending what the product is. Then with that you get most of the time full sized products to test and some extras to give to friends and family along with coupons. After you completed the tasks you then log in your account and go to that campaigns homepage and fill out the activities that give you MyPoints Points. The activities helps build your Bzz Score and then you’ll get invited to more campaigns.

What do I Think? It’s easy and fun. I’ve done 2 campaigns so far and currently doing my 3rd one now. With BzzAgent they do brand new products that just came out onto the market and wants to help that brand company get the word out about their new products.

New Image

Influenster is a strict social media marketing company, you get invited to test out products by your social media impact.

How to Join? Click image above. Submit your email address and create your account.

How it Works? After you create an account make sure to connect all the social media accounts that you have. They just recently launched a new website and used to have a way to add your blog website and youtube channel to the account but right now their still working on getting that up and running. You’ll then have surveys or questions to answer, these are called “Snaps” located on left side of your dashboard. Get your score up, take your surveys and you’ll get emails about invites for pre qualifying surveys. If you qualify they’ll send you an email about the VoxBox their sending you. Once you get it in the mail you have to sign your box in and answer the questions about the product.

What do I Think? Since they updated the site I have been invited 2 times so far for boxes, still waiting to get them in the mail. If you keep up with everything you’ll get invites, also going to their review page helps you get your score up. You also can select 5 badges you want to expertise in ans build those badges scores up by doing the activities listed under that badge.


Thank You for reading and if you have any questions about these please ask and I’ll be happy to answer!




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