Dirty Makeup Brushes = Gross

Cleaning your makeup brushes is a needed task in life and I don’t know about you but I dread doing it.

Cleaning your brushes on a weekly basis is important because it helps prevent new breakouts and more bacteria/grime getting onto your face. There are many ways to clean your brushes but this is how I clean mine.


Things You’ll Need:

Dirty Makeup Brushes

Clean Hand Towel

91% Alcohol

Any kind of soap or cleanser

Glass or Bowl

Step 1: Get your towel laid out and everything else ready

Step 2: Fill your glass or bowl with a little bit of alcohol and swish your brushes around until the alcohol gets dirty

Step 3: Rinse off your brushes in warm water

Step 4: Put some soap or cleanser in your palm and rub your brushes around to deep clean them, run under water until water and brushes run clear

Step 5: Lay cleaned brushes on drying towel

Step 6: This would be optional I guess, but what I do is dab my brushes in the towel to help soak up excess water and to form them back to their original shape.

All that’s left is to let brushes dry for about 24 hrs!

Comment below on how and what you use to clean your brushes!


Picture is my own, please don’t use without permission.


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