Ways to Make Money

I’m coming to you today with ideas on how to make money on the side of your job or for those people like me who stay at home with their kids and can’t work! These are just ways that I personally have made money from or working on making money from.



This is an app for smartphone users and it’s free! You create your account, take pictures of the things you want to sell and fill out the required information about the item. When you choose a price for what you want to sell that item for, next to it they tell you what you’ll be making from the sale. Poshmark has $4.99 priority shipping and when your item is sold they email you the pre-paid shipping label to you and you take the label, your item and a box if you already have one to the post office. If you don’t have a box to put your items in then you can pick one up for free at the post office, be sure to ask what boxes you can use, but if you have small items like shirts they’ll most likely give you a tyvec bag, which isn’t bad their very durable and leak proof. Since being on Poshmark i have sold 6 of my items totaling to $49. At first it is hard but as long as you upload good pictures of your item and make the description appealing you shouldn’t have any problems; also share share share your items and closet to get more attention. If you’re interested more in Poshmark you can visit their website listed at the bottom with source links! If you would like to check out my closet my username is s_faith.


On thredUP you can sell and buy your clothes. To sell you request a clean out bag that they will send to you free with a label to ship back. You can choose to get back the items ($12.99 shipping fee) they won’t take or they will donate them. Before you decide to order a bag they have a Clothing Calculator on their website where you can type in the brand of your item and it brings up price ranges they will pay you for that item. If they don’t take the item brand then it will pop up saying NOT ACCEPTED. I have not sent in my bag yet because I am actually still waiting to get it in the mail, but when you’re ready to send in your bag you just drop it off at the post office with the prepaid shipping label.

Craigslist & Facebook

These two have given me the most frustration I have ever dealt with in selling things. People will be interested and email you and ask you to hold the item and then they’ll never get back to you about it and while you were holding the item for them you’ve had other people interested in the item. I would suggest just from personal experience, don’t hold anything for anyone, if they want it that bad then they will find the money to come meet you or pick it up. Sorry if I sound mean but it’s happened a lot to me and once I would put something on hold for someone then all these people would email asking if it was still available and I’d have to say it’s on hold for the moment and then the original person backs down and you can’t get a hold of the other people so altogether you lose a sale. Also if you’re not comfortable meeting with someone alone then take a friend with you.

These are just some ideas of making some money, obviously there are tons of other ways but these are the ones I currently make my money from. When I get my thredUP bag in the mail and send it in and get an idea of how much I made off those items, i will be sure to write a more in depth review of that experience for you guys!


The picture above is my own screenshot of my closet on Poshmark


I’m not leaving a link for Craigslist or Facebook because their location based places.

On Facebook you can choose to post on your wall for your friends or look up yardsale groups in your area for other users to see what you’re selling!

If you have any other suggestions on how to make money leave a comment below to let me and other readers aware!


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