Review: Garnier Fructis Clean + Line


This is a review about two products i have tried from the Garnier Fructis Clean + Line.

First off i would like to start by saying I got these sample packets for free, the blackhead scrub i requested on the Garnier website and received in the mail and the Balancing Exfoliator i got in my July Pinch Me Box.

Ever since seeing the commercial for the charcoal scrub I’ve been wanting to try it. But instead of purchasing that i went with a cheaper brand charcoal mask and i didn’t see where it did anything but i still used it. The Garnier Blackhead Scrub in my thoughts is more like a gel which i like because it sticks to your skin and it’s lather more than most scrubs I have used.

On the back of the packet it claims that in “1 use it unclogs pores and smooths skin, in 1 week pores are diminished and your complexion will be clear.”

Obviously this packet won’t last me for a week but i use it at night and after using it I do notice my skin is softer and smoother.

The Balancing Daily Exfoliator i got in a Pinch Me Box (if interested let me know and i can write something more about Pinch Me). This claims in “1 day of use excess oil is removed, in 1 week skin texture is softened and complexion is balanced.”

After using that my skin felt smooth and clean and matte not oily.

What i like about these products is the consistency of them, scrubs that i have tried in the past were watery, runny and didn’t stick to my skin where it made it feel clean afterwards. But these are pretty much gel, their thick and stick to my skin so i know it’s on there and won’t slip until i rinse off.

Thanks for reading!

Picture is my own and these samples were free, that I personally signed up for.


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