Makeup Haul : Coastal Scents

Collective Haul: Coastal Scents Cosmetics


Love Makeup? I do. Want the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette but don’t find it necessary to fork up the 54 dollars that it costs? Then you’ve landed in the right spot.

I’ve recently been having the urge for the colors that are in the Naked 3 Palette but most definitely don’t have that kind of money. So i searched online and youtube for the best dupe out there and the Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette was the answer.


The Revealed 2 Palette is a popular known dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked 2 and 3 Palettes. I’ve never had the Naked Palettes so i wouldn’t know all the comparisons and differences between the two palettes other than from what i saw on youtube. In my opinion 20 shades for $20 is a better bargain than getting a high end brand name 10 shades for 50 some dollars (just ridiculous). The Revealed 2 Palette is $19.95 + tax on the Coastal Scents website and they actually put it on sale many times; I’ve seen it as low as $9. I actually purchased mine off of Amazon because i could get free shipping and faster delivery. The shades range from neutrals to dark and has matte, satin and shimmery shades.


This is a terrible picture of a swatch because i couldn’t figure out the right angle with my camera and tri pod, but these are the top 10 shades in the palette.


These are the bottom 10 shades, your darker colors.

These shades are very pigmented and soft, so soft of you choose to use your finger to apply beware not to press hard or they will crumble when you transfer to your lids ( may sound scary but it’s easy to avoid it). These swatches were applied without any primer.

Now onto the second part of the haul.


This Bundle i ordered from the website. I purchased the Natural Classic Blending Brush ($1.62, it was 30% off sale), Kokomo Cafe, Coral Pink and Champagne Orange Shadows ($1.92 ea).

The package came in a pink mailer envelope and then was wrapped in the black tissue paper in the background. The brush was in a plastic sleeve then everything was in a pink mesh drawstring bag. Extras that came with it was a sample quad of the Revealed 2 Palette, some cards and a sticker.

Colors left to right : Kokomo Cafe, Coral Pink and Champagne Orange

Colors from left to right order; Kokomo Cafe, Coral Pink and Champagne Orange.

Kokomo Cafe is a light brow matte shade, just like the shadows in the palette these pods are also creamy, pigmented and soft.

Coral Pink to me looks more orangish than the champagne orange but it’s a shimmer shade.

Champagne Orange is a light very light orange hue with a satin finish.

Coastal Scents is a very affordable makeup company that provides high end quality products, so no more need in spending $54 for one makeup palette, with that kind of money you could probably purchase most of the website!

Thanks for reading if you have any suggestions in more Coastal Scents products i should try , leave a comment for me and I’ll check it out!

All photos are my own and i purchased these products with my own money!


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